Guys, what if? 


headcanon accepted

I repeat: No.

It makes sense cause all of the people the doctor loves end up dying.


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(and for the sake of this, if it ever gets written, pretend seasons 8 and 9 never happened, but Cas and Dean got out of Purgatory with Benny and Kevin is still alive and they still find the bunker)

just had an idea for a superwolf fic where Sam and Dean hear about the weird shit happening BH, so they go to investigate and find out about the werewolf attacks and how everything has just gotten worse from there and offer to help them out, even if Dean’s a little wary of all the werewolves. So they go back to the bunker, and the Winchesters show them around the bunker and give them some rooms to stay in while they’re there, and then they get to the library. Sam explains that the library houses information on all things supernatural.

There’s a sharp intake of breath, and the group stops to look at Stiles and Kira. They’ve migrated closer to each other, hands clasped tightly between them. Stiles is taking long, steady breaths, trying to contain himself, and Kira is practically vibrating out of her skin because she’s so excited. Derek looks just the tiniest bit worried by the way Stiles is reacting, but Scott’s just staring at them with this look of utter adoration because he knows that Stiles is so fucking excited right now (and he also, maybe, sorta-kinda has asmall crush on Kira). He can read again, and now he and Kira have access to the (possibly, most likely) correct information on anything and everything supernatural (and Kira’s been eying those swords propped up on top of one of the bookshelves because they look very similar to katanas). They look to Sam and Dean for permission, and the brothers nod, and Stiles and Kira are off, disappearing into the isles to look at as many books and knick knacks as they can.

Anonymous asked: Sam got an angel inside him before Dean did.